Possible solution for slow speed on Windows based devices.


Possible solution for slow speed on Windows based devices.

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Hi there,

I'm new here and just started to use Cooolbox as my ISP.

Service type: Cooolhome FTTH
Network mode: Router (Asus rt-ac87r)

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Yesterday (Nov. 13th, 2017) evening I noticed that I can only get 15~30Mbps from three of my devices, however I didn't make any change of the settings to neither my router nor devices.

I called the technical supporting team and they checked the service side and were sure that everything is normal.

I switched to bridge mode to bypass my own router, still no luck.

but I suddenly found one of my linux-based device has no flaw and got 800+Mbps(reported by speedtest-cli, you may install it through apt install.), but 3 devices which have problem are all windows platform, then I tried to reset Winsock and tcpip, Bingo.

at Command prompt (Admin),

netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset

and then reboot your system to take effect.

It works for me.

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